The Hambledon Club

To honour the memory and great achievements of the Hambledon Club 1750-1796


The  Hambledon Club

Revived in 1999

Our central purpose:

“To honour the memory and great achievements of the Hambledon Club 1750-1796.”

During the "Glory Days" of Hambledon cricket, more than two hundred years ago, the cricket was funded by an aristocratic dining club.

In 1998, 90 years after the memorial stone was set on Broadhalfpenny Down, the famous club’s newest historian Ashley Mote approached Dick Orders, then landlord of the Bat & Ball Inn, and Hampshire’s historians Neil Jenkinson, Andrew Renshaw, Dave Allen and Stephen Saunders, with a view to reviving the dining club.

At this exploratory meeting they agreed to hold luncheons at the beginning and end of each season, attracting high quality guest speakers and a flourishing membership. The first modern luncheon was held at the Bat and Ball Inn on Saturday, 10 April 1999 and they have continued without interruption ever since.

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This website records principally the activities of the modern luncheon club and its members, but we have included a brief history of the eighteenth century side. We acknowledge the growing tendency of some notable cricket historians to identify that great side as Hampshire rather than Hambledon.

On this site, and in our club, we have retained the name Hambledon partly because the name continues to resonate in popular consciousness; partly because all our activities take place high above the village at the Bat and Ball Inn and Broadhalfpenny Down; and partly to distinguish our activities from those of Hampshire Cricket which celebrates  in 2013 the 150th anniversary of the formation of its club.

Website Observations ...

This web site is an update (October 2012) to the Club’s original site published in 2000.  Members identifying any necessary corrections, oversights or mis-information on this Website, please address your comments to the President via the Secretary at:



The only known drawing of the original lodge built by Tom Seuter on Broadhalfpenny Down at the start of each season to house the members of the Hambledon club during the great matches.


(1764 - 1837)

Author & Cricketer,

son of Richard Nyren

“There was high feasting held on Broad-Halfpenny during the solemnity of one of our grand matches. Oh! it was a heart-stirring sight to witness the multitude forming a complete and dense circle round that noble green. Half the county would be present, and all their hearts with us. Little Hambledon, pitted against all England, was a proud thought for the Hampshire men. Defeat was glory in such a struggle - victory, indeed, made us only ‘a little lower than the angels’.”

From:  The Cricketers of My Time

The miniature bat (above) was presented to Richard Nyren at the Bat and Ball Inn on 4 September 1791. It was almost certainly made by his old friend John Small senior. (Reproduced by kind permission of the Bat and Ball Inn.)